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The Structure of our Pack

Chartered Organization

All units within Scouting are chartered by an organization. This organization is responsible for overseeing the pack and approving pack leadership. It also provides the pack with a meeting location.

Chartered Organization Representative

The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) is the liason between the pack and the Chartered Organization. They are also the chartered organization's contact with the district and council.


The Pack Committee handles the adminstrative and support tasks for the pack. It consists of at east three key members (chair, secretary and treasurer) although there are many other roles e.g. advancement, webmaster etc..

Committee Chair

The pack committee chair leads the pack committee and thus is responsible for the administration, oversight, and support of the pack program. The pack committee chair’s role is to

1. Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the chartered organization to cultivate harmonious relations and maintain communications.

2. Confer with the Cubmaster on policy matters relating to Cub Scouting and the chartered organization.

3. Supervise pack committee operation by

4. Calling and presiding at pack leaders' meetings.

5. Assigning duties to committee members.

6. Planning for pack charter review, roundup, and reregistration.

7. Approving bills before payment by the pack treasurer.

8. Conduct the annual pack program planning conference and pack leaders’ meetings.

9. Ask the committee to assist with recommendations for Cubmaster, assistant Cubmasters, and den leaders, as needed.

10. Recognize the need for more dens, and see that they are formed as needed.

11. Work with the chartered organization representative to provide adequate and safe facilities for pack meetings.

12. Cooperate with the Cubmaster on council-approved money-earning projects so the pack can earn money for materials and equipment.

13. If the Cubmaster is unable to serve, assume active direction of the pack until a successor is recruited and registered.

14. Appoint a committee member or other registered adult to be responsible for Youth Protection training.

15. Develop and maintain strong pack-troop relationships, and work closely with the unit commissioner and other pack and troop leaders in bringing about a smooth transition of Webelos Scouts into the troop.

16. Support the policies of the BSA


The secretary ensures proper records are kept within the pack. Specifically, the secretary will:

1. Keep informed of all Cub Scouting literature, materials, records, and forms to help leaders function effectively. Help new den leaders access needed tools.

2. Acquaint den leaders with the contents of the Pack Record Book so that they will know how to supply the information that should be recorded there.

3. Maintain up-to-date information on membership, leadership, attendance, and advancement in the Pack Record Book or special software.

4. Maintain an inventory of pack property.

5. Handle correspondence for the pack. This may include writing letters of appreciation and requests for reservations, or ordering supplies through the local council service center.

6. Keep notes on business conducted at pack leaders’ meetings. Record only key items such as things needing follow-up or items for the history of the pack.

7. Notify leaders of pack leaders’ meetings and other activities.

8. Provide den leaders with records and forms for meetings.


The treasurer ensures the pack’s finances are sound. Specifically, the treasurer will:

1. Help the pack committee and Cubmaster establish a sound financial program for the pack with a pack budget plan.

2. Open or maintain a bank account in the pack’s name and arrange for all transactions to be signed by any two of the following: Cubmaster, pack committee chair, secretary, or treasurer.

3. Approve all budget expenditures. Check all disbursements against budget allowances, and pay bills by check. The pack committee chair should approve bills before payment.

4. Collect dues from den leaders at the pack leaders’ meeting, preferably in sealed den dues envelopes. Open envelopes in the presence of den leaders. Give receipts for these funds, and deposit the money in the bank account.

5. Keep up-to-date financial records. Enter all income and expenditures under the proper budget item in the finance section of the Pack Record Book. Credit each Cub Scout with payment of dues. From time to time, compare the records with those of the den leaders to make sure they agree. Give leadership in developing a coordinated recordkeeping system in the pack.

6. Be responsible for thrift training within the pack. Encourage each den leader to explain the pack financial plan to each child and his family so that kids will accept responsibility for paying dues and family members will be alert to opportunities for the youth to earn dues money and develop habits of thrift.

7. On the request of den leaders, sympathetically counsel with a member who does not pay dues, determine the reason, and encourage regular payment. If the child or family is unable to pay, work out a plan with the Cubmaster and pack committee so that the child has the opportunity to earn dues. At the end of the day we will not let a child miss out on Scouting due to financial reasons.

8. Periodically report on the pack’s financial condition at the monthly pack leaders’ meeting. Make regular monthly reports to the pack committee at the pack leaders’ meeting, and report to the chartered organization as often as desirable on the financial condition of the pack.

9. Provide petty cash needed by leaders. Keep a record of expenditures.

10. Guide the pack in conducting council-approved pack money-earning projects.

Pack Leaders

The pack leaders are those leaders in direct contact with the Cubs.


The Cubmaster is the ring leader of the pack. Specificall, the cubmaster will:

1. Deliver a quality, fun, year-round program to the Cub Pack

2. Conduct the program according to BSA policies

3. Receive the appropriate training, including Cubmaster specific training

4. Attend monthly Cub Scout Roundtables, to receive information about district and council policies and programs

5. Carry out the Pack program with the support of the Pack Committee, including leading monthly pack meetings

6. Carry out the goals of the chartering organization within the Pack program

7. Work with the Pack Committee to recruit adult leadership

8. Work with the Pack Committee to develop the Pack budget

9. Support the Pack Den Leaders and encourage them to get the appropriate training

10. Encourage the Pack Den Leaders to work toward Cub Scout Leader awards

11. Encourage Webelos to cross over to a Boy Scout or Family Scout Troop

12. Communicate with parents about the Pack program and help to educate them about the Cub Scout program

13. Encourage family participation in the Cub Scout program

14. Encourage the Pack to participate in service projects

15. Work with the Assistant Cubmasters, delegating as necessary

16. Attend and participate in Pack Committee planning meetings

17. Recruit Den Chiefs to assist the Pack Den Leaders

18. Incorporate traditional Scouting elements, such as flag ceremonies, skits, and songs, into the Pack program

19. Encourage advancement and recognize Cub Scouts when they advance

Den Leaders

The den leaders are responsible for the advancement of their den through a fun program. Specifically the den leader will:

1. Work directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure that the den is an active and successful part of the pack.

2. Plan, prepare for, and conduct den meetings with the assistant den leader and den chief (if Wolf, Bear, or Webelos den leaders) or adult partners (if Tiger Cub den leaders).

3. Attend the pack leaders’ meetings.

4. Lead the den at the monthly pack activity.

5. Ensure the transition of Cub Scouts to a den of the next rank (or to a Boy or Family Scout troop if Webelos Scouts) at the end of the year.

Tiger Cub den leaders

should do the following.

1. Coordinate shared leadership among the Tiger Cub adult partners in the den.

2. Ensure that each Tiger Cub and his adult partner have the opportunity to be the host team, planning and executing the den activities, rotating responsibilities monthly.